Our team have co-authored a number of reports and publications on migrant and refugee children and young people. We are also regularly called upon for expert input, advice and editorial support for others reports and publications. All of which you are able to download from here.


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1. An Update to: Cut Off From Justice The impact of excluding separated and
migrant children from legal aid. Children’s Society, August 2017

2. Precarious Citizenship: Unseen, Settled and Alone – The Legal and Protection Needs of ‘Undocumented’ Children and Young People in England and Wales, MiCLU, March 2017

3. Put Yourself in Our Shoes: Considering Children’s Best Interests in the Asylum System, Law Centres Network, November 2015

4. Cut Off From Justice: The impact of excluding separated migrant children from legal aid, The Children’s Society, July 2015

5. How children become failed asylum seekers, Kent University, Kent Law Clinic, March 2014

6. Legal issues in the accommodation and support of asylum seeking and trafficked children under the Children (Scotland) Act 1995, Legal Services Agency, 2014

7. Legal Aid changes – Child Rights Impact Assessment, The Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, September 2014

8. “What’s going to happen tomorrow?” Unaccompanied children refused asylum, The Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, April 2014.

9. Still at risk: A review of support for trafficked children, Refugee Council and The Children’s Society, 2013

10. Children’s Best Interests: A primary consideration? Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, June 2013

11. Working with children and young people subject to immigration control: Guidelines for best practice (second edition), Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA), March 2012

12. Working with refugee children: current issues in best practice (second edition), Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA), February 2012

13. Seeking Support: A guide to the rights and entitlements of separated children, Coram Children’s Legal Centre, 2012

14. Landing in Dover: The Immigration process Undergone by Unaccompanied Children arriving in Kent, The Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, January 2012.

15. ‘Navigating the System: Advice provision for young refugees and migrants’. Coram Children’s Legal Centre, 2012

16. Lives in the Balance: The quality of immigration legal advice given to separated children seeking asylum, Refugee Council, 2011


Further reports and publications we have supported:

16. The Value and Effects of Judicial Review: The Nature of Claims, their Outcomes and Consequences, Public Law Project, October 2015

17. Whose best interests? Exploring Unaccompanied Minors’ Rights through the Lens of Migration and Asylum Processes (MinAs), Wilding, J, and Dembour, M, University of Brighton, October 2015

18. Not Just a Temporary Fix – The Search for Durable Solutions for Separated Migrant Children, The Children’s Society, August 2015

19. Happy Birthday? Disputing the age of children in the immigration system, Coram Children’s Legal Centre, May 2013

20. Routes to regularisation for people without legal status in the UK, Paul Hamlyn Foundation April 2013.

21. The fact of age: Review of case law and local authority practice since the Supreme Court judgement of R (A) v Croydon LBC [2009] The Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, July 2012

22. I don’t feel human: Experiences of destitution among young refugees and migrants. The Children’s Society, 2012

23. Flowers that grow from concrete: how support services determine a young refugees life opportunities, Brighter Futures, 2011

24. Landing in Kent: The experience of unaccompanied children arriving in the UK The Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, February 2011

25. Into the unknown – Children’s journeys through the asylum Process, 2011

26. UNICEF UK, Levelling the playing field: A UNICEF UK report into provision of services to unaccompanied or separated migrant children in three local authority areas in England, 2010

27. Refugee and Migrant Justice Safe at Last: Children on the frontline of UK Border Control 2010.

28. Refugee & Migrant Justice, Does Every Child Matter? Children seeking asylum in Britain, 2009

29. The Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, Claiming Asylum at a Screening Unit as an Unaccompanied Child, 2008

Put yourself in our shoes

Law Centres Network

November 2015

The UK government is committed to considering children’s best interest in all decisions made about them. However, this report shows how,, throughout the children’s asylum and care process, this is not reflected in practice – and it stands to affect their life chances. It makes recommendations on improving the asylum process, as well as improving training and skills for those working with children, to ensure that their best interests are well and truly paramount.


Refugee Children’s Rights Project Evaluation

Jim Koe and Tess Kingham

September 2012

The report sets out some of the RCRP’s main achievements and describes and comments on the approach taken. It strongly validates the rationale for, and theoretical underpinning of, the project, it reveals that practical implementation of the project has been highly effective, and it highlights the overall importance of the project in the challenging current climate for refugee children’s rights.


Summary of an Expert Roundtable on The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 and its application to child refugee status determination and asylum processes

Refugee Children’s Rights Project and Immigration Law Practitioner’s Association

April 2012

The objective of the roundtable was to provide a forum to foster an inter-professional, inter-agency debate, to identify areas of consensus and divergence rather than to formulate agreed positions or to issue recommendations and then to look at how to take forward the thinking from the event.


Safe at last? Children on the front line of UK border control

Refugee and Migrant Justice

March 2010

This report reveals the experiences of children in their own words. Upon arrival in the UK they have been arrested, detained for up to 24 hours, denied vital medical attention and sometimes food before being subjected to an arduous interview about their immigration status by the UK Border Agency. Refugee and Migrant Justice (RMJ) believes this treatment of children is not just inhumane, but unlawful.


Does every child matter?

Refugee and Child Justice

March 2009

The report documents the real experience of children within the asylum system. It concludes conclusion that the Government is failing in its commitment to protect these most vulnerable children and is falling short both of its own aspirations and of most people’s expectations of a fair and humane system.