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Covid-19 resources for partners2022-02-24T14:31:14+00:00

We have prepared some resources for those partnering with us, to be used when working with children and young people as the Covid-19 pandemic progresses.

As the situation changes rapidly and services develop in response, information may change but we will endeavour to keep this information up to date as possible.

Please do share the link to our Covid-19 appeal.

Organisations providing food, financial, social support, healthcare advice and housing services2020-07-26T09:46:58+01:00
Online information & updates, child-friendly resources, and wellness & education resources2020-07-26T09:46:04+01:00

A list of websites where regularly updated information on developments in immigration and asylum law is available, along with translated information about the Covid-19 virus, wellness & education resources, and resources that can be used directly by children and young people in relation to the current pandemic.

Click here for information about which courts are closed, to translated health guides about Coronavirus, to storybooks for children about Covid-19, to homeschooling links, learning English, sport and mental health resources.

Organisations providing legal and other practical advice2020-07-26T09:47:40+01:00
General information guides on topics relevant to child and young migrants2020-07-26T09:45:04+01:00
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