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How to convey child-friendly information to children in migration2019-03-20T11:06:34+00:00

MiCLU is delighted to announce the publication by The Council of Europe of their Handbook: “How to convey child-friendly information to children in migration: a handbook for frontline professionals.”

This practical handbook is edited by The Council of Europe and co-authored by pan-European experts in the field of child rights and migration, including MiCLU’s specialist children and young person’s immigration solicitor Anna Skehan.

Designed for use by frontline professionals working with children in migration in Europe, the handbook contains practical tips, golden rules, and examples of promising practice.

Importantly, the voice of children is heard throughout the handbook, which addresses “questions children may ask,” and includes direct accounts from children in relation to information provided to them.

MiCLU supported this project in recognition of the fact that children’s rights are only meaningful when the child herself knows that she possesses the rights, and understands how to make them a reality.

Following a Roundtable on Child Friendly Information for Children in Migration in Europe MiCLU was asked to co-author the handbook with expert frontline practitioners from around Europe, forming a multidisciplinary team with a unique insight into the practical application of child-friendly information for different points in children’s migration journeys.

We are excited to have been involved in this project and believe the new handbook to be an invaluable resource for all persons supporting migrant and refugee children.

What are we talking about?2018-12-17T13:26:44+00:00

Child-friendly information means information that is adapted to the child’s age and maturity, language, gender and culture (See the Council of Europe guidelines on Child-Friendly Justice).

Why is it important?2018-12-17T13:26:56+00:00

Without child-friendly information children face additional barriers in accessing their rights and participating in the procedures that concern them.

What does it mean for stakeholders?2018-12-17T13:26:28+00:00

It is not more expensive to communicate with children in a child-friendly way it is often something we can do in our professional practice by building a relationship of trust with the child and adapting communication methods and contents to the needs and strengths of the individual child.

Who is it for?2018-12-17T13:26:07+00:00

The handbook is aimed at all professionals and volunteers working with children in migration. This extremely practical handbook contains food for thought, recommendations from children to improve communication and examples of promising practice to inspire the reader.

The handbook “How to convey child-friendly information to children in migration” is available in English on the Children’s Rights Division of The Council of Europe’s website.

A French language version will follow shortly.

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