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Resources for young people2022-06-20T11:17:03+01:00

Messages from young asylum seekers to other asylum seekers

Resources to help young asylum seekers

I don’t understand the words the Home Office and my lawyer are using2022-06-19T21:34:52+01:00

You can look up words in our glossary, which explains the meaning of words used to talk about young refugees and migrants:

I have my Home Office interview2022-06-20T10:55:02+01:00

Xhoana talks to Esme about her experience at the Home Office interview and how she prepared for it:

Xhoana’s tips for the Home Office interview (English):

Xhoana’s tips for the Home Office interview (Albanian):

Gurpinder speaks about what to do after the interview:

Gurpinder’s tips for after the interview:

I need to prepare a witness statement2022-06-20T09:39:33+01:00

Xhoana talks about her own experience making a witness statement:


Kejdi talks about his own experience preparing a witness statement:

My lawyer says I need an expert report. What is this like?2022-06-20T09:42:35+01:00

Kejdi talks about his own experience getting an expert medical report.

What is credibility?2022-06-20T09:53:03+01:00

Kejdi and Xhoana talk about credibility and their experience of Home Office questions.

I received a negative decision from the Home Office. What should I do?2022-06-20T09:51:57+01:00

Advice on what to do (in English and in Albanian) if you receive a negative decision from the Home Office.



I am an Albanian asylum seeker and I’m not sure my lawyer understands Albanian cases2022-06-19T21:30:16+01:00

The Breaking the Chains project has represented a lot of Albanian claims. We have prepared a toolkit for lawyers representing young Albanian asylum seekers. Show this to your lawyer:

I am feeling alone and struggling. Is this normal?2022-06-19T21:19:23+01:00

Xhoana has been through the asylum process and understands how challenging it can feel. She offers some words of advice to others in the same situation.

How can the different professionals I meet help me?2022-06-19T21:19:57+01:00

This guide in different languages explains ‘Who is Who,’ and how different professionals can help you:

How can I work better with my lawyer?2022-06-19T21:04:34+01:00

Check out this interactive learning that gives tips on getting the most out of working with your lawyer. Click here:

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