In October new research was released that considers how Home Office delays put young unaccompanied asylum-seekers at risk of trafficking. Lawyers who are thinking about challenging delays by judicial review will find the report to be useful evidence.

On Tuesday 30 November from 5-6pm we will be holding an online seminar aimed at legal practitioners, with experts from MiCLU and Garden Court Chambers who will look at how the report can be potentially used in court.

The seminar will include the participation of young asylum-seekers from Shpresa Programme and will cover:

  • An overview of the report findings
  • Practical tips about how to use the report in submissions/court
  • Strategy/tactics for the best prospects of the report underpinning delay challenges in specific cases or types of cases

The seminar is part of a wider project: Breaking the Chains, a partnership project dedicated to improving outcomes for Albanian children and young people seeking asylum in the UK.

For the seminar presentations and materials, click here.