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/Our Work

We carry out our work through an integrated work programme, including a mix of:

  • Direct legal representation and support for children and young people (via our pioneering child-centred and holistic legal and advocacy service). We represent children fleeing war, conflict, abuse and persecution, trafficked into the UK for exploitation and slavery and undocumented young people effectively “invisible” in terms of civil and legal status because of UK immigration laws.
  • Strategic litigation (to bring legal change with wider impact and benefit for all young people).
  • Policy and influencing work.
  • Consultancy (supporting the work of statutory and non-statutory agencies to design and develop child rights based services, training and evaluation).
  • Legal education work (training legal and non-legal professionals nationally on the needs, rights and entitlements of young people seeking international protection or whose lives are impacted by immigration laws).
  • Public legal education work – the lives of young people are governed by an array of laws and policies. We design legal education courses with young people for young people and for the important people in their lives.

For more information about our work programme, please visit the What We Do page.

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