MiCLU works closely with Islington Law Centre’s team of lawyers leading and developing specialist legal services aimed at upholding and improving the rights of young people. Our work is led by the views and experiences of our young clients who continue to inspire and develop our services. Together we are committed to educating young people about their rights and supporting the work of carers and professionals dedicated to helping young people live safe and protected lives in the UK.

We believe that the law can be used as an effective tool to create social change and we are committed to campaigning and advocating for child and youth-centred legal processes and systems. We also believe that by building collaborations and partnerships between individuals, organisations, statutory and non-statutory agencies across different professional disciplines we can work together to tackle and address the complex realities, challenges and injustices faced by young people whose lives are governed by complex laws, ensuring that they are treated as children first and foremost.

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