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MiCLU have worked closely with the Children’s Commissioner since it was established . MiCLU is a unique and invaluable organisation supporting children subject to immigration control.  The range of their work , from training and research to advice and strategic litigation has been central to upholding the rights of children in a challenging political and economic environment. MiCLU has worked closely with the Children’s Commissioner on a number of cases most recently providing invaluable advice and assistance in our intervention in AA Afghanistan in the Supreme Court (in relation to family tracing) and RA (a child by his litigation friend) and BF v SSHD in the Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal where MiCLU also separately represented the child in the case who had been removed from the UK with his mentally ill mother eventually ensuring the family’s return to the UK. These cases (and others we have been involved in) complement the Children’s Commissioner’s policy work in this area of children’s policy. We are in debt to MiCLU for their generous provision of help and assistance to this office, including being on our Asylum Advisory Board and have huge respect for the excellent work they do."

Former Principal Policy Advisor (Asylum & Immigration) Office of the Children's Commissioner