FACT CHECK: Albanian boat arrivals

Breaking the Chains is a unique project designed to meet the specific needs of asylum-seeking children and young people from Albania, as one of the most marginalised communities of asylum seekers,

Date checked: 4 April 2023

Into the Arms of Traffickers

Earlier this week we were were excited to help launch new research by Christine Beddoe that considers how Home Office delays put young unaccompanied asylum-seekers at risk of trafficking. Young people from

Date checked: 21 October 2021

Breaking Connections

'Before the pandemic many of us would have struggled to imagine a life being separated from loved ones, living with restrictions on our freedom to move about and not able to easily

Date checked: 16 June 2021

In search of justice for young Albanians

David Neale, a legal researcher and former barrister for Garden Court Chambers, writes in his blog for Refugee Week about his experiences collaborating on MiCLU’s Breaking the Chains project. Breaking the Chains was created in

Date checked: 26 July 2020
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